Connor Lassiter Character Analysis

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Connor Lassiter 16 years old. Lives in Ohio. Leads a ‘solo’ life p10 – “If I’m off by myself, I don’t get into fights” p145 Brown eyes, no tattoos. Tans during the Summer. Practical person – “kids who claim to be mechanics, and are really good at explaining why things won’t work. Connor on the other hand, actually fixes them” p203 Jumps to quick assumptions –grabbing the storked baby – “Now Risa realises he doesn’t just make bad decisions, he makes dangerous ones.” P64 Quick on his feet – escapes police on p18 – Fights Roland at the Harvest Camp p278 Instinctive – “One time we had family over and the talk got me crazy, I hurled a plate at the china hutch.” P145 An intelligent person – “Connor had done the right thing. For once, he had seen the situation more clearly than she” p152 Heroic – “She sees Connor…show more content…
Lev Calder p27 Born to be unwound on his thirteenth birthday – a tithe. Organises his unwinding party like a friend's Bar Mitzvah – carried around in chair etc. 5 natural siblings, one adopted and three by stork – Lev was exactly one tenth (tithing) All his life faced kids who resented him p31 He is “his family’s pride and joy” p31 “clean cut” “the way he holds himself, is refined and graceful, deliberate and delicate,” p157. “strangely honourable nature of the crime” , “clever” p 161 Tithes – “look at them. They think they’re so much better than everyone else” p273 “there’s a deadness to his voice”
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