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Connectivity Disconnect Essay

  • Submitted by: JoGazitua1
  • on August 27, 2014
  • Category: Social Issues
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Connectivity disconnect
After a busy week, we finally had some time with our family. We wake up in the morning and goes where all of our family is. Each one of them is with their cellphones on Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, etc. focused on their own virtual world. Fifty years ago, our world was very different. Were physical spaces for socializing, where people were related to each other and not in the fictional world created with social networks. It’s almost impossible to imagine a world without them. Everybody knows that the social media it’s something that is present in every moment of our lives and greatly influences them, especially in adolescents. So, with this, we realize that social networks changed our society and our intrapersonal relationships.
To get it clear, the social network defines like some websites that allow to people to connect with friends and even make new friends, to share content, interact and create communities of similar interests. With this definition it’s impossible to see one bad side about the social networks; every person would like to be part of it, because its easer to see the good side.
Social networks also have disadvantages, for example: The addiction that social networks produce. While I was writing, I checked my Facebook a few times (one of the most popular social networking), I couldn´t help, because it´s something that I, and most people have gained as a custom. “According to a survey done at different teenager in 2009 40% of teenagers visit daily networks, 50% visit them every other day and 10% visit them once a week”. This shows how social networks have become an addiction in adolescents, which can end up producing this isolation of the individual with the outside. On the other hand, social networks change your relationships with people and discredit the term friendship. The term takes another meaning, a friend is the person that you accepted to be part of your friends list and visit the personal site on the respective...

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