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Connections In my chosen texts, a theme that connects them together is oppression is inevitable unless we act to stop it. In Animal Farm by George Orwell the animals are oppressed by Jones at the start of the novel and end in the same dilemma except with one of the animals taking control. The Government in 2081 by Chandler Tuttle tried to make the citizens equal but forgot to apply that to themselves, creating an oppressed and corrupt government system. People find it difficult to act against them as they are weighed down. V for Vendetta shows us that the overpowered government of ‘Norsefire’ is the dictatorship of England at that time. We learn that people allow the government to continue its corrupt ways out of fear of the so called terrorist ‘V’. In The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins the government is making its people live in awful conditions, each part divided into districts. The population has no freedom of speech and oppression is evident. In the novella Animal Farm by George Orwell oppression is evident through many aspects of the characters. The first example that shows the theme of oppression is evitable unless we act to stop it is when Napoleon changes the seven commandments. At the time none of the animals challenged Napoleon, even though there was a big powerful horse named ‘Boxer’ very capable of stopping the commandments from being changed. Oppression will always occur if the animals carry on like they are, not acting to stop the corrupt and overpowered leader that Napoleon is. Another situation where this theme is playing out is when Snowball is overthrown by Napoleon. Once again the animals just sat and watched as Snowball was kicked out of the farm community all together. Since the animals let Napoleon get away with the commandments being changed, he was let lead to make more and more changes to the farms day to day running. Yet another scene

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