Connecting Sociological Theory Essay

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Social issues of interracial marriages and how they could be implicated in the three major sociological theories; functionalist theory, conflict theory, and interactionist theory. Each type of theory consists of the different views that sociologists would develop on a certain issue in our society today. Interracial marriages have changed dramatically in the last 1000 years and can be used in all three sociological theories. Functionalist perspective of this issue believes everything contributes to its survival (Schaefer, 2012, p. 13). One would consider that a great part brought on by interracial marriages would be the mix of cultural upbringing. How the mix of different races can bring on new cultures and ethnicities, an example would be most of Central and South America. How in Mexico two ethnicities the Aztecs and Spaniards could form a new race through their marriages and relations in that country. This brought on the culture they have now most of Mexico, which has the mix beliefs of both the Spanish and the Aztecs. It also goes for the rest of Central America, South America, Philippines and the Caribbean islands. This is what also makes these different cultures alike in so many ways they are almost like half siblings per say, half of the same beliefs but also half different this is what makes each country similar but unique in their own way. This theory can also be used in todays United States, people come to this country to change their lives but also keep apart of their own heritage. Conflict perspectives believe in a world that will always be in constant struggle (Schaefer, 2012, p. 14), to bring in this view in to the issue of interracial marriage there are topic brought up of racism. That a person will be looked on with disgrace for who they love one thing that comes to mind of this and the troubles that the country Cuba have gone through with
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