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Sound track to Romeo and Juliet You’re a music expert. You know how to sample songs from today and the past to really get your message across. Since you are known for your expertise, Ms. Callahan has come to you to gather together music for an album she is sure to go platinum: An album that samples music that reflects Shakespeare’s famous tragedy, Romeo and Juliet! The Assignment You have the choice to portray your music-mix with explanations on a poster board (simply divide board into 4 sections) or to make it into a power point as I did here. This counts as a project grade, so it is vital that you complete this assignment. Romeo So Sick by Ne-Yo Gotta fix that calendar I have That's marked July 15th Because since there's no more you There's no more anniversary I'm so fed up with my thoughts of you And your memory And how every song reminds me Of what used to be That's the reason I'm so sick of love songs So tired of tears So done with wishing you were still here With his song “So Sick,” Ne-Yo embodies the heart ache that Romeo cannot escape throughout the play. Wearing his heart on his sleeve, Romeo leaves himself open to getting hurt. First, there’s Rosalyn who won’t reciprocate the love he wants. Not soon after this, he falls desperately in love with the daughter of his family’s nemesis, Juliet Capulet. Their love is doomed from the beginning, so there’s no wonder he’s “so sick of love songs.” Juliet Into the Dark– Death Cab for Cutie Love of mine some day you will die But I'll be close behind I'll follow you into the dark No blinding light or tunnels to gates of white Just our hands clasped so tight Waiting for the hint of a spark If Heaven and Hell decide that they both are satisfied Illuminate the NOs on their vacancy signs If there's no one beside you when your soul embarks Then I'll follow you into the dark

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