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• Introduction. Conjunctivitis also known as pinkeye is a disease of the eyes that that makes the eye sore and inflamed and usually affects both eyes at the same time. It causes the vessels that are around the eye to swell up and the eyelid may also become discolored. It can be a very painful condition although it does tend to affect some people worse than others. It can also make the eye very itchy and this can make the condition worse if the sufferer repeatedly scratches it due to this symptom. • Signs and Symptoms. Conjunctivitis commonly produces hyperemia of the conjunctiva, sometimes accompanied by discharge, tearing and, with corneal involvement, pain and photophobia. It generally doesn’t affect vision 1. Blurred vision 2. Crusts that form on the eyelid overnight 3. Eye pain 4. Gritty feeling in the eyes 5. Increased tearing 6. Itching of the eye 7. Redness in the eyes 8. Sensitivity to light • How is it spread? Anyone can get conjunctivitis. It can spread fairly easily from person to person, especially in dormitories, schools or other places where large numbers of persons congregate. People commonly get conjunctivitis by coming into contact with the tears or other eye discharges of an infected person, and then touching their own eyes. • Causes. The conjunctiva is exposed to bacteria and other irritants. Tears help protect the conjunctiva by washing away bacteria. Tears also contain enzymes and antibodies that kill bacteria • Allergic conjunctivitis Is typically itchy, sometimes distressingly so, and often involves some eye swelling. Chronic allergy often causes just itching or irritation. Allergic conjunctivitis shows pale watery swelling of the conjunctiva and sometimes the whole eyelid, often with a ropy, non-purulent mucoid discharge. There is variable redness. • Viral conjunctivitis Is often associated with an infection of the upper

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