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Conisder the Advantages and Disadvantages of Tourism Indutry in Cambodia Essay

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  • on September 7, 2012
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Below is an essay on "Conisder the Advantages and Disadvantages of Tourism Indutry in Cambodia" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Consider the advantages and disadvantages of tourism industry our country
Tourism industry is a sector that can contribute to develop economic of a country very fast. It is called an industry without smoke. Now Cambodia is taking care very much on tourism industry during the increasing of flowing of tourists into, from day to day. We see that tourism industry provides many benefits for country; however, it also has a lot of disadvantages to that country too.
Tourism industry creates more jobs to local people. It is a labor- intensive industry as it requires a large number of workers to provide services for tourists. For example, hotels employ chefs and receptionists, and tour agencies employ tour guides and bus drivers. All of jobs that directly related to the tourism industry services such as travel-related services, accommodation and hospital, entertainment and leisure facilities, and tourism organization. These jobs types are needed a lot of workers to do. It can also create more jobs in other industries, such as primary and secondary industries. For instance, hotels buy food from local farmers, which may increase the demand for local products. Tourists also often purchase goods and services that are provided by the destination country. Hence, the growth of tourism will result in more jobs being created.
Another factor that tourism provides to our country is to improve economic condition of country to be better. Both domestic and international tourism industries always contribute to revenue for developing country in many indicators, such as infrastructure, facilities, and education system and so on. When tourists visit a country, they usually spend on food, accommodation, entertainment, sightseeing and shopping. Tourists spend enable food, hotels, leisure, and retail transport industry to make profits. The government will also receive revenue through taxes paid by these industries to improve economic situation in country.
Despite the advantages of tourism...

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