Coniferous vs Deciduous Forest

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English Composition I EN101 English Composition I Sheryl L. Perez EN101 SU12 6WKA Section 3 Lesson 4 – Peer Review Professor Karen Lawler June 28, 2012 I. Deciduous Forest A. General Classification of Deciduous 1. Regions 2. Growth 3. Vegetation B. Animal species inhabitants 4. Birds 5. Mammals 6. Insect 7. Reptile C. Climate 8. Precipitation 9. Sunlight II. Coniferous Forest D. General Classification of Coniferous 10. Regions 11. Vegetation E. Animal Species Inhabitants 12. Birds 13. Mammals F. Climate 14. Precipitation Deciduous Forest General Classification of Deciduous Regions The deciduous forest occupies most of the eastern part of the United States and partially in southern Ontario. These areas are northwest of Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky, North Carolina, West Virginia, Maryland, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. Vegetation These forests have been led to recognition of the eight major forests that is within the biome that is dominated by different species or associated with the species. These species are called mixed mesophytic, Appalachian Oak, Hemlock-white pine-northern hardwoods, oak hickory, maple-basswood, beech-maple, oak-pine, white oak, and southern pine. Mixed mesophytic forest region is one of the oldest regions of the biome and it’s the most complex and most highly developed. They are located west of the Appalachian Mountains on the southeastern part of the United States. Almost all type of their species are found in this region and is thought to be the center of spreading from one forest to another. Even though these areas are quite enormous and have over 30 different types of species, the area have only two or three species that
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