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Congress Of Vienna Essay

  • Submitted by: chama32
  • on April 21, 2011
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The Congress of Vienna (1814-1815) took place in Vienna, Austria following the downfall of Napoleon I. As a result of Napoleon’s downfall, the congress was called to re-establish peace and create a balance of power amongst the European nations involved. With strong nostalgic emotion to the times preceding 1789’s French Revolution, the leading powers of Europe, or the ‘Big Four’, of which Austria, Russia, Prussia, and Great Britain, assumed the colossal responsibility of making the most essential decisions in the Congress. France later joined these four powers, thanks to French diplomat Talleyrand, who managed his way into gaining more influence in important decision-making. With a decent team of delegates at disposition, national concern was left aside to promote the well being of Europe. However, as expected by the delegates of the congress, the task of restoring peace was not trouble-free. The Napoleonic Era had left the continent in shambles. This was what the congress was looking to fix all while dealing with the delegates’ differentiating opinions and finding a way of not giving one country too much power. Nonetheless, in spite of the delegates’ stubborn qualities, they did have a few common goals that, in the end, significantly helped to solve the problems that were faced, making the Congress of Vienna an overall success. Of these common grounds were: the general agreement that none of the congress members, excluding Talleyrand, wanted to witness France salvaging the enormous power it once had, along with the decision to vote for general territorial and political agreements, which would, with a bit of luck, lead to a balance of powers and a resulting peace in Europe.
Having to establish the containment of France was a major problem faced by the delegates of the Congress of Vienna. During the Napoleonic Era (1789-1799), France was gaining substantial power at a regular basis and continuously expanding its territory. Napoleon used his natural strategic...

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