Congestive Heart Disease Research Paper

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Congestive Heart Disease Congestive Heart Disease HCA/240 The following will discuss congestive heart disease and the symptoms and signs of this disease. It will discuss the prevention and ways to make heart health better. The major causes will be discussed and the risk factors that can be controlled. How to control the major risk factors will also be discussed and treatment for congestive heart disease will also be explained. Congestive Heart Disease is a condition in which a problem with the structure or function of the heart impairs its ability to supply sufficient blood flow to meet the body's needs (Heart Failure, 2009). Congestive heart disease happens when the heart is unable to pump blood sufficiently throughout the…show more content…
Congestive Heart disease is a very dangerous condition and the affected people should see their doctor on a regular basis to have their heart checked for any changes. Taking medication for congestive heart disease is also very important, because it may help the symptoms or suppress the heart condition. People should be aware the eating a lot of fried foods, fast foods, and fatty foods is not healthy for the heart. These foods could cause serious heart conditions. With the information about congestive heart disease being brought to so many persons attention there may be a change in the amount of people that suffer from congestive heart disease. People should pay very close attention to the signs and symptoms of congestive heart disease. Some of those signs include chest pain, pain in the shoulder, and shortness of breath. These signs if they are not ignored can save a persons life. Changing diet, loosing weight, and not smoking can lower a person’s chance of being affected by heart disease. Being active and participating in physical activities, like running or exercise on a regular basis will also help lower the chances of being affect by congestive heart disease. Congestive heart disease is something that should not be taking lightly, because fluid can build up around the heart then there would be more serious consequences maybe even death. This is…show more content…
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