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Confucius Confucius was born in 551 B.C. to in the state of Lu. He was born into a lower class family, his father died while he was young and he was raised by his mother in relative poverty. He was married at nineteen and divorced at twenty two. Most of Confucius early life is not known and most of the stories known about have been fabricated or exaggerated. He wanted to become a high ranking government official but that position always eluded him so he moved from his home state of Lu and traveled to the neighboring Chinese state of Ch’i, but he had no success in government there either. This is when he began to take teaching seriously. Then he moved back to Lu and gained a government position due to him gaining a name due to him being a highly credible teacher. His government position was not one with power and he resigned and began to travel China for ten years, and almost nothing is known of his life during this time. At the age of seventy he returned to Lu where his name allowed him to gain some influence in the government, although he possessed no true power. He continued to teach throughout this time and died a short time later. Who Confucius Was, was written by Ssu-Ma Ch’ien. He lived from 145 B.C. to 86 B.C. and used the Analects, spoken words, and being alive at the time of Confucius influence as sources for his writings. His writings are not considered historical in the way the western world views history. His view of Confucius does not repeat the views of the views of the Analects but is skewed by how Confucius had become the most popular man in Chinese history by the time of his writings. His viewpoint of Confucius was almost god like he describes him as nine feet six inches tall and said all people marveled at him. He believes Confucius values are being loyal, not jumping to conclusions, having no predeterminations, no obstinacy and possessing no

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