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Confucious Essay

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  • on May 20, 2014
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Confucius Paper

"Lead the people by laws and regulate them by penalties and the people will try to keep out of jail, but will have no sense of shame. Lead the people by virtue and restrain them by the rules of decorum, and the people will have a sense of shame, and moreover will become good." [II:3]
What does Confucius think is the best way to create order in society?
Confucius, a man from the age of warring states, was a Chinese philosopher, politician, and police man. The philosophy of Confucius in a general sense has to do with filial piety; which means to love, respect, and obey your parents. This is the core of Confucius theory, along with his idea of family being the most important and central aspect of what truly matters. He believed that behavior should not be regulated solely through law, but instead enforced by parents beginning within the confines of their household. The parents must teach their children morality through example. A stable family is a crucial stepping stone to a fully functioning society as a whole. Morality and respect are the two fundamental ingredients in the theory of Confucius. The three levels that must stress this idea are family, neighborhood, and state; all working as one. For example, the prince of a state should act as a model for the people as should parents to their children. Confucius recommended family as a basis for ideal government, not to say abandon law and become an anarchist, but rather accomplish order and obedience through the basis of society; which is the family.

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