Confucianism: the Right Philosophy Essay

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The Chinese culture consists of three schools of philosophy: Buddhism, Taoism, and Confucianism. While Buddhism and Taoism are more abstract, religious schools, Confucianism is not based as much on religion and abides by a social philosophy. Out of the three schools, Confucianism is the best school of philosophy to follow. The Confucians have a proper understanding of morality, stress humane ways, and emphasize the aspect of respect. To begin with, Confucius taught his followers that morality “...was considered the utmost importance above everything else.” (Confucius - Biography). He believed, and taught, that when people properly understood morality, everything else could be harmonized. One of his most famous lessons about morality is, “‘never impose on others what you would not choose for yourself.’” (Confucius - Biography). It compares to the modern day “Golden Rule” which states: one should treat others how one would like to be treated. Confucius was more about “...the virtuous perspective of the moral person rather than general rules about right and good.” (The Confucius School) and the morals of people. Coupled with the moral education his followers all received, they were righteous and humane. Confucius taught his disciples and followers to make sure that, especially when in positions of authority, they always act humane and righteous. In one of his many teachings Confucius describes, “...Let there be no evil in your thoughts.” (The Analects 214). He is saying that no one should let evil cloud their judgment and to always think of good. Today, the world is brimming with evil. Turn on the TV, at least one story, per night, of either a robbery, kidnapping, new war that broke out, etc. is on the news. With more Confucians, less evil would show through the following of humane rules of Confucius, rather than trying to please a deity or god. Thinking of evil can

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