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Confucian Thought Essay

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  • on December 4, 2013
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Introspections A Reflection from the Analects of Confucius by Jed Adrian Jarabelo
Confucius said: “when one meets a person of substance and high morals, one should look to him as an example. When one meets a person without substance or a sense of morality, one should take him as a foil to examine one’s own flaws.”
When one meets a person of substance and high morals one often hates them or being jealous with them. One is being criticized and most often one is questioned of his morals and knowledge. One fails to think that he should follow them or take them as examples for their life. They are persons that should be treasured because they are exemplars and should not criticize if they are really that knowledgeable and good.
I always look up on those who are better from me. I respect them and really admire them because they were better than me. One of the most exemplary persons in my life is my father. My father is my idol, my ideal person to be and I always looked up unto him because of his principles and beliefs in life. And because he is my idol I always look up onto him. I always act like him. I can’t forget my experiences when I am calling at home when my parents are not around. It is because if the one who will answer my call is our helper she always thought that it is my father. She always thought that I was my father because we have the same voice. That’s why it is so pleasurable of being like my father. In my life, it is my father who nurtured me when mother was working as midwife in Saudi. And for almost eight years of without a mother my father made a very big role on my childhood years. He was the one who taught me self-discipline and some tips for life and for survival.
In my college formation, I always met people, may it be my fellow seminarians or our priest formators, whom are with great standing and morals. These people who I met reflects there great morals also in their lives that in which makes them as my inspiration in my seminary...

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