Is Confucian though favorable or unfavorable to entrepreneurship?

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What does “Confucian though” represent, a kind of cultural, spirit, concept or wealth? In Chinese world, if using this question asks someone, then you will get thousands of different replies. Why? Just because, no matter from any angle, that the answer can be corrected. Confucian though is really wide and profound. It covers a wide range of aspects from personal behavior to national management. Chinese people have followed the though as norm and philosophy for thousands of years. At one time, Confucian though was considered as too conservative, too neutral and too spirit. Not only did the westerners not understand it but also the Chinese communist wanted to overthrow it. However, the fact proves they are wrong. Those countries, which follow Confucian though, have progressed a lot since the end of 20th century. China has also progressed extremely fast science the Chinese communist government restarted follow Confucian though. Many enterprises establish and operate their business very successful. This situation gives a big help in economics of those countries. Thus, how does Confucian though help entrepreneurs and influence their behaviors? Let me try to explain briefly as follows. Need for achievement Confucian taught us “As to the benevolent man, he establishes for others stands he wishes for himself. He brings others to reach where he wishes to reach himself.” In another word, if we want to benefit others, we should benefit ourselves at first. If we want to help others be successful, we should become successful before them. It is very practical. Everyone likes the feeling of being needed. Nevertheless, we should have the ability before we help others. We should succeed at first. It is a responsibility in basic. This concept has been deeply rooted into Chinese since long time ago. It turns to a kind of individual motivation that is need for achievement.

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