Conformity In Schools

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Conformity Essay Introduction Paragraph General Statement: School throughout the world thrives to create intelligent students. The student’s education is the key to success of their future. The students who is educated, uses the educated, uses the education as a key to open more doors for the student to decide the outcome of their future. A. Individuality allows the students to stand on their own and learn what they want to learn rather than force the students to learn many things they don’t want to learn. However, conformity teaches the students multiple subjects that would be useful in life and conformity also prepare the students for the outside world. Thesis Statement: Schools are required to enforce conformity because conformity is necessary to protect the students, to make them equal, and create well disciplined. Body Paragraph 1 Outline II. Conformity creates protection for the students through respect towards each other and they would protect physically and emotionally. A. One rule students must abide by is to respect others. (Source G). The students are to be kind to each other so they would be emotionally. 1. Disturbing comments towards a student could affect the student’s education negatively. The disturbing comments would hurt the student’s pride where they can’t focus on their education. B. The students could be attack physically by another student (Source G). If that rule applies, injuries would be avoided. 1. The attacks would hurt the student which would cause them to worry about their safety rather than their education. C. The rules are going to break by mischievous student. Those mischievous students would create an environment which could deduce the focus of the hardworking student’s education. 1. They are not always good students. There are also some who discourages others for their enjoyment. They would ignore the
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