Conformity Essay

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Meursault is both a conformist and non-conformist in The Stranger by Albert Camus. The conflict portrays the contrast between the morals of society and Meursault’s evident lack of them. Meursault’s absurd behavior leads to numerous events such as the murder of the Algerians at the beach and being care-free when his mother passed away. You get to see how special Meursault is and at the same time how similar Meursault is to everyone else. When Meursault says, “Afterwards my only thoughts were those of a prisoner” (Page 77), all he wants to be is free. He wants freedom after he does his time in prison and just live his life like everyone else. This shows how he is a conformist to society and he shows the same characteristics like every prisoner would be. Meursault had a lot of time to himself so when he said “But in another, it killed time. I had ended up making friends with the head guard, who used to make the rounds with the kitchen hands at mealtime.” (Page 77) That showed how he was adapting and conforming to society like most people. Meursault also really didn’t care much for Marie. Meursault relates to a majority of prisoners because love isn’t shown until the end of their jail time. Meursault used to wait patiently every Saturday just to hold Marie in his arms, so this shows his prison can change relationships with a spouse. Meursault conforms by engaging in human relationships with Marie and Raymond even though he tries to stay as emotionally removed as possible. Meursault still felt like he was a free man right before he went to prison. He says, “When I was first imprisoned; the hardest thing was that my thoughts were still those of a free man. For example, I would suddenly have the urge to be on a beach and to walk down to the water.” (Page 70) Meursault showed how he is a

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