Conflitcs In The Book To Kill A Mockingird Essay

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Conflicts in the book To Kill A Mockingbird are significant The novel to kill a mocking bird starts with a very subtle conflict. One of the example for subtle conflict would be the conflict between scout Finch & Aunt Alexandra. "['You may not' said Aunt Alexandra. 'I wheeled around, startled and replied to Aunt Alexandra saying I did not ask her' said Scout Finch]". This quote proves that the fight began because of Aunt Alexandra 's attitude which made Scout Finch angry. Aunt Alexandra did not allow Scout to attend Calpurnia's church because she is black. An other example would be the conflict between Miss Caroline & Scout Finch. "['It's best to begin reading from a fresh mind, I'll take over from here & try to undo the damage.' replied to Scout when she explains to Miss Caroline that Atticus is literate and taught her in a right way.']". The quote shows that Miss Caroline got in an argument with Scout regarding how Scout could read from an early age. Miss Caroline did not like the fact that she is literate and different from other southern girls, she blamed Scout's father "Atticus" for teacher her how to read. The story unfolds more open & important conflicts comes out as well. One of the major & important conflict in the book was between Boo Radley & the society.["According to Miss Stephanie, as Boo's father entered the room & passed by him Boo drove the scissors into his father's leg, pulled them out, wiped them on his parents, & resumed his activities]". Rumours were heavily spread around Maycomb against Boo. Due to various rumours Boo, He was isolated in his house & neither wanted to confront people but things get changes once he save's Jem's life. The most important conflict in this book is the conflict between Tom and Society. "[ 'Tom's dead, they shot him' said Atticus. ' Didnt they try to stop him?' Aunt

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