Conflicts in Children Literature

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Essay # 2| CONFLICTS IN CHILDREN’S LITERATURE | Conflicts are very essential for literature fiction to engage readers. A story’s success heavily depends on conflict(s) and situation when those happen in the storyline as per explained in Literary Elements that “No conflict = no story” (module 2) Conflict(s) helps in making story interesting and creating situations or momentum that give opportunities to characters to grow in the storyline and achieve their goals and help in conveying message of the story to the readers. There are four kinds of conflict in Children Literature: character vs. character, character vs. self, character vs. society and character vs. nature as described in Literary Elements. In The Paper Bag Princess Elizabeth’s character and in Hana’s Suitcase Hana both face different conflicts which make these stories appealing and good enough to engage readers but the nature of conflicts were different for both Elizabeth who deals with character vs. nature and Hana who deals with character vs. society. Elizabeth in the Paper Bag Princess deals with character vs. nature when she faces a strong and powerful dragon. In character against natural type conflict the protagonist is fighting against the natural environment (the antagonist)”. (Literary Elements 4) The protagonist Elizabeth saves her fiancé from dragon that kidnaps the prince and burn the castle. Conflict begins when “Elizabeth decided to chase the dragon and get Ronald back” (Munsch 5) which is an example of conflict type of character against nature because dragon is a naturally strong and Elizabeth an ordinary woman character. The story becomes interesting for readers when she tries different tricks with the dragon to make him toothless so that she can rescue and meet her fiancé. Finally, she makes dragon exhausted by playing smart tricks intentionally so as

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