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According to James and Schellenberg (1996), Conflict can be defined as the opposition between individuals and groups on the basis of competing interests, different identities, and/or different attitudes. Conflicts may arise from various sources namely personality differences, poorly managed systems, lack of leadership qualities and poor communication between managers and team members. For a conflict, it's important to determine whether it's a good or bad conflict because it will have both positive and negative effects on a team. Positive effects helps the team to operate better with more creativity and performance by increasing employees knowledge and skills at the same time negative effects on the management by creating negative emotions and stress, diverting attention in performing tasks and achieving goals. Conflicts can be productive and unproductive depending on how the management team resolves it. Productive conflicts are about issues, ideas and goals. This can be achieved in a co-operative manner. Whereas unproductive deals with emotions and personalities, in this conflict issue is resolved by teams dominating each other and they will not focus in solving the problems co-operatively. In an organization unproductive conflicts resolving issues depends on both teams personalities, social relations and the situation and one has to recognize their differences before they move towards resolution of a specific conflict. Four different approaches in resolving a conflict resolution • Collaboration - In a team when the members of a conflict have important concerns, the team needs to search for solutions that satisfies everyone. This will acquire co-cooperativeness and respect between each other. • Power Management - In this opposite teams may act aggressively trying to dominate, here rather than concentrating on issue resolution they will focus more on dominating

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