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Everyone goes through conflicts. My family, your family, the Kardashian’s, everyone. Everyone argues about something. Conflicts are often between two people or more. Even the nicest person on earth has been through conflicts. Conflicts are the way people fight with one another. Some conflicts are really severe and hard to get out of. Some conflicts are easy to handle. Here are some examples of conflicts that everyone goes through one way or another. In the story ‘Raymonds’ Run’, there is a lot of bullying. People bully Raymond, because he’s different. People shouldn’t bully others, not everyone is the same. People bully each other, because they think it’s funny, well, not only is it rude, but people sometimes get hurt by bullying. They often end up committing suicide. People who bully others are just troubled by a family matter or something they have been through. /Bullying isn’t worth hurting yourself or others. Most people are too scared to do anything about bullying. That doesn’t mean that they are the weaker person. The bullies are the weaker person, because they are making fun of someone that they don’t even know. Who does that to someone anyway. In the story ‘Broken Chain’, there was a conflict where Alfonso hates the way he looks. You shouldn’t hate the way you look. Your you for a reason. No one in the whole world will look like you, unless you have an identical twin. People who don’t like the way they look, they try to change the way they are. Don’t try to change yourself, that sometimes changes your personality. Changing your personality can cost you to loose good friends. Good friends, like you, for that’s why they’re you friend. Don’t go changing the way you look. Just because you hate the way you look, doesn’t mean everyone hates the way you look, because not everyone does. In the story ‘The cremation of Sam

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