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I always did the expository/argumentative essays - most of the time anyway First I would pick a side, whether or not I would agree or disagree with it. Then I would find examples that would support my contention from the two texts I would be studying. Of course, you'd be advised to utilise a number of external examples as well. Then when you're structuring your response, remember not to just list your examples, but to elaborate on them and show how a particular example supports your contention. Take The Crucible for example. I could talk about how many of the 'Christians' turned their back on their faith to some extent by lying and shifting blame onto their own friends and neighbours in order to save their own lives. This shows that these people, although some of them tried to look righteous, when they encountered conflict, their true selfish nature was revealed. (Shit example, I know, it's been a while.) If you wanted to challenge the prompt, The Secret River could be used. Just talk about how in the heat of the moment, your actions are a misrepresentation of your true character - where you are forced to do things you wouldn't normally do and are made to 'act out of character'. William Thornhill taking part in the massacre William Thornhill almost being sexually aroused by the chained up aborigine William Thornhill beating his son William Thornhill almost beating his wife Each of these examples elicit an almost instant feeling of remorse and disgust. The last example leads him to think 'How could I have done this to my very own Sal?' There are similar responses to the other examples as well, where he sees something he's never seen before in himself, and he ends up hating it. This shows that in the heat of the moment and under so much pressure, he was made to do something that even he recognised to be highly uncharacteristic of himself.

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