Conflicting Perspectives - Justice Game - Diana in the Dock & Rt Speech

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• Do the lives of the famous have the right to conceal aspects of their decision? In Zoe Nauman’s newspaper article “How truth and lies mingle in Lara Bingle's nude photo scandal” and Geoffrey Robertson’s case study “Diana In the Dock” we are subject to the controversy of 2 personalities both conflicting in their own perspectives. Zoe Nauman’s article, published on the 16th of May 2012 in The Sunday Telegraph, portrays the different perspectives of Lara Bingle and her alleged right to privacy after photos were taken of her in her Beachside Penthouse in Bondi, completely naked with her curtains open. • Today I will represent Lara Bingle’s personality and her two voiced beliefs and their predominantly contrasting elements. Bingle’s conflicting perspectives include the clashing aspects in which she calls her legal rights to privacy coincided with her 2nd supposed right which includes her desired involvement in the media and fame. These concepts can be seen in parallel with the controversy apparent in Robertson’s Case Study “Diana in the Dock” and Diana’s personality itself. • The influence of Zoe Nauman’s Newspaper article portrays a formal and recognised medium, closely affiliated with today’s public making her persuasion of Bingle, a trusted and manipulating form of text. Nauman portrays an idiotic yet idolised representation of Bingle, with her purpose to influence her readers to see the debatable components of Bingle’s choices and assumed proposal of rights. In today’s society a person’s rights to privacy is highly valued and believed by most that one’s life has the right to be concealed. But does this apply when the person is asking for media and paparazzi involvement in their life? Agreeing to organise Pap shootings and partaking in a lifestyle show called “Being Lara Bingle”? Is this not asking for the world’s involvement in her life? • Nauman
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