Conflicting Perspectives. Julius Caesar & Obama Essay

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There are no certainties only representations. Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar is a dramatised “representation” an example of this, representing historical events of leadership of that time and effectively agreeing with this statemtentn . Through action in the play and viewpoints of those involved, Shakespeare explores a variety of perspectives and comments on political power and different ways they can be depicted and represented. A similar perspective of this type of situation is the public speech made by Barack Obama on 2nd May 2011. Obama’s speech followed the death of Osama bin Laden who was too, a very controversial leader. Both texts when analysed and compared show how composers can manipulate perspectives and convey only representations, no certainties. Julius Caesar is Shakespeare’s response to the attitudes of his time. By his observation of the situation, he, using his play comments on aspects of his society, offering his personal view of the situation. The personality, Julius Caesar is explored through the two conflicting perspectives of Marc Antony and Brutus, specifically on the occasion of the speeches that are given by both, following Caesars assassination. Brutus speaks in prose, representing Caesar as a person who puts himself before his people. “…as he was valiant I honour him, as he was ambitious, I slew him.” supporting his portrayal of a man of ambition. When Antony speaks on the occasion after Caesars assassination to the crowd of Romans he speaks in verse, in contrast to Brutus speaking in prose, making Antony come forth as more educated and knowing. “I am no orator...-as you know me all- a plain blunt man that loved my friend.” Antony belittles his influential and powerful position within the Roman Empire to be seen with being a “plain blunt man.” This use of understatement and emotive connotative adjectives supports a devotion or
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