Conflicting Perspectives Essay

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For a lot of situations, especially those of higher importance or significance, there is always going to be more than one perspective, and these perspectives more often than not conflict with each other. Conflicting perspectives provide great subject matter, especially for the media, but the media can be manipulated so that a different perspective can be represented as the new truth. Analysis of the textual form of the Justice Game, more specifically, the chapter ‘Michael X on Death Row’ and an interview between a radio host and two historians on the subject matter of the Tasmanian Aboriginal genocide being a myth, shows how conflicting perspectives are created and explored. In the chapter ‘Michael X on Death Row’, whilst trying to maintain an appearance of objectivity, Robertson uses subtle techniques to portray his perspective and persuade the audience on his own opinion on the inhumanity of the death penalty. In this chapter, Robertson talks about Michael X and how his time on death row changed him. ‘The man that the state of the Trinidad planned to kill was not the same man – (emphasis here) who with angry calculation killed another’ (pg78). Robertson writes this line as a way to humanize Michael X, to show the audience he does (emphasis here) have human feelings. Looking closely at this line, we can see how Robertson has used language to twist the truth; it is in fact the same man, but by using the words ‘not the same man’, he is expressing how Michael X’s personality and attitudes have changed over time. Robertson continues to portray his perspective by employing oxymoron as a device to show the lifelessness of people on death row and their harsh treatment. Oxymoron is used in the phrase ‘the living dead’. This is done by Robertson to persuade the reader that the death penalty is an inhumane practice. The interview format of my related text allows for the

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