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Associate Level Material - Valencia Simpson Conflicts Are Important Worksheet In this assignment, you must write 300 to 450 words on conflict and conflict management. Record your answers in this worksheet. Part 1: The Five Conflict Types Describe each of the five conflict types using paragraph form. 1. Pseudo conflicts: Psuedo conflicts are generally not real conflict. People take on the image that they are conflicts because of making assumptions about a problem or situation. Many times it is false conflicts that cause this. 2. Fact conflicts: Fact conflicts are based on things that are known to be true or can be verified. It usually is recorded and can be presented. Seeking answers many times will help to alleviate this type of conflict. These conflicts are generally resolved by researching information and showing the facts. 3. Ego conflicts: Ego conflicts come when people are more concerned with their power or status. They do not worry about the business aspects but about how they look in society. Egos usually have a way of getting in the way of real-life situations. People feel threatened most of the time. 4. Value conflicts: Value conflicts are things that are morally right and people will stand their ground when they know something is right. Many times it will be hard to go against someone who is having this type of conflict with another. They are people who believe what they believe and no one can tell them anything that is different. If these people are to be productive, they will have to resolve this type of conflict to maintain what is called personal integrity. 5. Need conflicts: Conflicts of need occurs when people need one thing and another person needs another. People in this situation have to bargain with one another in order to come to an agreement. Restating what is needed usually helps the

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