Conflict Shows People What Is Worthwhile Essay

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Prompt 'In times of conflict people decide what is worth fighting for' Elwin takes the metal SpongeBob container out from his backpack. I hear the clink from the inside. I wonder what it is. He opens the box and swings the lid backwards. As it opens a nasty odour comes pouring out, infiltrating both my nasal passageways with a strong scent. It was cannabis. I could smell that from miles away and know what it is. The three of us boys sit down at our usual hang out spot. Under the council's newly built shed and on top two picnic tables. There was no one else around. Just us. It is about 7 o'clock as well and the sun was nearing to set. The dark clouds are coming out and the skies fading to black. It is quite chilly, especially because it is the middle of Winter. I could feel a cold breeze blowing on the back of my beck and goose bumps growing on both sides of my arms. "Quick, roll it up and let's smoke it" Jesse commands. "Wait, did you bring the lighter?" Elwin asks. "Yeah I did" replies Jesse. Elwin takes out the first joint. Slowly adjusting the edges to make sure it was sealed and then with a quick flick of the blue BIC lighter, he lights it up. He took it to his mouth and inhales it. The end of the joint glows red. He exhales the smoke and lets the fumes escape via his nostrils. He turns to look at me with his eyes widen, then laughs hysterically. Elwin passes it on to Jesse. Jesse takes a long drag and he puffs it out through his mouth. Jesse's eyes are turning red. These boys were professionals. They have gotten high a couple of times before and now they want me to join them. They both look at me with teary red eyes and welcoming expressions. They are inviting me to join them. "Here take a drag" Jesse says. "You gotta try it". I really don't want to look like a loser. I mean everyone has tried it and survived so why can't I right? I mean like

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