Conflict Resolution Strategies

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Conflict frequently occurs in the business and academic worlds due to group dynamics. Conflict resolution strategies vary because individual personalities and different ways of processing information. The reasons why conflict occurs in the first place is highly dependent on the individuals in the group. The following will attempt to explain how individual differences affect group dynamics and conflict resolution in the business and academic worlds. When a situation occurs that interferes with an individual’s goals, emotions, interests, perceptions, and/or values it is considered a conflict. Conflict occurs when one person believes that someone else or multiple people have different views or if one feels that he or she is trying to change his or her views. This happens frequently in the business and academic world. For example, if one person in the group’s major concern is accuracy and someone else does not care whether the project is accurate or not, this causes a conflict. This conflict would cause the one person to rush and not verify the information that they received, when the other person would be doing double the work to make sure those were accurate sources. Miscommunication, trust, participation, time constraints, an individual’s reactions and personality differences are some reasons why conflicts occur. People from all over the world are being put into teams both at work and school. The world is diverse and ever-changing. Diversity may play a role when conflict occurs. Conflict is inevitable but if an individual knows how to handle or lesson the amount of conflict that occurs in our workplace and in school, this will lesson conflict. The reason this would lesson conflict in the future is because if an individual is aware of a conflict starting or if there may be a conflict brewing, as long as that individual confronts the issue immediately and not

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