Conflict Resolution Paper

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Conflict Resolution Paper Shane Dahlquist Intro to Communication COM/100 1/22/2015 Sharon Burke Conflict Resolution Paper There are five stages of conflict management that help managers deal with issues that arise within the work place. These stages are as follows: * Latent Stage- Where the conflict arises, even if no one is aware of it yet. * Perceived Stage- Where those involved are made fully aware of the conflict. * Felt Stage- Where the repercussions of the conflict are felt. * Manifest Stage- Where the conflict is observed, defined, and resolved. * Aftermath Stage- Where the conflict and the actions taken after produce an outcome. Latent Stage The latent stage is the first stage and it is where the conflict occurs. Whether it is a server getting an order wrong or an electrician using the wrong set of prints, this is the stage that the conflict happens. Those involved may not even know about the conflict yet; the cook doesn’t know he is making the wrong food and the electrician doesn’t know he is installing the wrong parts, but they still are and that will cause problems down the road. Perceived Stage The second stage, the perceived stage, is where the conflict is recognized and everyone is made aware of it. This doesn’t just mean it is noticed, but that it is recognized as a conflict and the appropriate people are told about it so action may be taken to resolve it. When the server brings the wrong food to the table and the customer complains about it, the server notices the issue. Just as when the light doesn’t turn on the electrician realizes something is wrong. Felt Stage In the third stage, the felt stage, the repercussions of the conflict are felt. The customer complains to the manager about their food being wrong so the manager must apologize to them, correct the order, and talk to the server to make sure that this
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