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Write a 350- to 700-word summary about the stages of conflict management. What steps will a team take to resolve conflict? What are the consequences of exhibiting behavior that could have a negative effect on the team? Explain how you would handle the following situations: A team member who does not submit his or her portion of an assignment If a member is not contributing or collaborating effectively we will first try to get them on the team board, if no response we will try them with an email, if still no response than we will call or ask the instructor for help. A team member who does not meet deadlines Each person will have fair time to announce their issues or concerns pertaining to the assignment. After each individual is finished with their portion, they can give assistance to whoever needs it; after the team is organized and set with the homework then we’ll have practice runs to make sure everyone is comfortable with the assignment. Each team member should have a set time to complete portions of the assignments. It’s always best that each team member is aware of each other’s assignment. A team member who wants to control the completion of all assignments There will be no one team member that will be in control of any and all completion of assignments. We will make sure that everyone has a chance to be a leader and co-leader for the team. We will also assign/volunteer parts to each team member A team member who submits work that is below team standards Each team member will be required to perform work that is up to the team standard. If and when the team members break the confidence of the team by not submitting work that is up to standard, as a team it will be decided to either except the work and take a deduction in grade or to put another individual in charge or that portion of the work. It will also

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