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Introduction Seinfeld is a show from the 1990’s that revolves around 4 people’s lives. The characters are Jerry Seinfeld, Elaine Benes, Cosmo Kramer, and George Costanza. This is a show about nothing, as it shows the smaller things in life like waiting in line at movies, buying a suit, and other petty tasks in life. The particular episode I will be examining is entitled, “The Strike.” In this episode, the main storyline going on is Kramer goes back to work for H&H Bagels after being on strike for 12 years. This is a trivial idea as anyone who watches the show realizes that Kramer doesn’t work. Kramer gets hired back on to work during the Christmas time of year. After only working there for several days, Kramer asks for a day off to celebrate a made up holiday, “Festivus.” The manager gets upset and denies him that, thus forcing Kramer to go back on strike. Kramer also sabotages the bagel shop but it is to no avail. Conflict The conflict at the work place between Kramer and H&H Bagels is one that could have been easily avoided. This conflict is something that did not need to happen and can be handled in a much better way. The first conflict that occurs is 12 years ago when Kramer went on strike. He wanted a pay raise so they went on strike to get it. They never got it and H&H Bagels just hired other people to replace them. This is an example of affective conflict. The reasoning behind this is because it is between one group of people and another, the workers of H&H Bagels and the management. The type of communicator Kramer is definitely open. He will tell anyone how he feels and also likes to hear other peoples’ thoughts and feelings. The conflict is then solved and reaches the conflict aftermath stage when Kramer goes back to work. The next conflict arises when Kramer asks for a day off and doesn’t get it. He then goes back on strike for

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