Conflict Management Styles/Gender and Culture Essay

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Takila Woolridge Conflict Management Styles/ Gender and Culture My way of conflict management is very simple. I’m a very calm and gentle person who doesn’t like drama or conflict coming my way, so the easiest thing for me to do is stay away from it. Though sometimes trouble may find you, I stay away from conflict by minding my own business and not being the gossip type as most girls are. I learned early on from all of the high school drama I used to see, everybody knows high school could get messy and its usually girls getting into conflict over he say she say. In terms of gender I think girls are calmer than boys, I think boys in a conflict it might end in a fight most of the time. As boys do less talking and more action, girls are messy and they may argue a lot but in most cases they work it out without having a fight. Culture shapes the way things are done and the way people understand things. Gender affects economics, politics, social communication, and the needs of people. I have come to manage conflict in my life in this manor due to situations I’ve seen other friends and family go through. The usual cause of conflict is due to gossip. When gossip is spread it usually doesn’t come back in the way it started, which causes there to be conflict and confusion. These sorts of situations are very irritating and uncomfortable for me, so I’ve learned to keep to myself and my life has been conflict free when it comes to family and

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