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As with so many essential life skills, very little is done systematically in today’s society to help develop individual’s skills of effective conflict management, Egan (2001). Therefore practise sessions are a valuable exercise in which students of conflict management are able role-play a conflict scenario and apply their newly learned skills and theory. The recording and critiquing of a conflict management practise session allowed me the opportunity to identify my strengths and weaknesses. Assessing my use of interaction and analytical skills as well as my adoption of attitudes and principles integral in the current theory of conflict resolution processes in an active scenario, assisted in highlighting areas in which I could improve. Overview of the Conflict Scenario The conflict I’ve chosen to deal with stemmed from a recent situation my husband and I had at home in which we found ourselves unable to feed a guest lunch before he and my husband had to leave for work. The recording begins as my husband returns from buying some lunch, frustrated that the first shop was closed, and ready to explode. This crisis had been building all morning as we shifted the responsibility for overseeing lunch back and forwards between each other. Beginning with my discomfort earlier in the day at not knowing his plans, the atmosphere shifted to high tension when he returned from training to find still nothing had been taken care of before storming off to buy it himself. He let me know how he was feeling, I listened and let him know I had heard his position and asserted my own needs and point of view. Then, as emotions cooled we brainstormed possible ways of dealing with or avoiding a similar situation in the future and acknowledged our personal beliefs and behaviours and their impact on such a situation. As warned by De Vito (2004), although disguised as a conflict of

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