Conflict Management Paper

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Running head: CONFLICT MANAGEMENT Conflict Management Saint Leo University MBA 525DL June 07, 2009 Conflict Management Throughout our lives, we all have learned or studied lessons on the different ways to communicate effectively. We have often heard that success comes from knowing how to communicate effectively with others. This has some truth to it. The one part of that communication that we tend to overlook is conflict. Conflict is not discussed as a part of communication because many view conflict as negative. To the dismay of some, conflict is one of the inevitable conditions in our lives. We all will face conflict at some point in our lives, just as we will death. Similar to many other areas of our lives, conflict needs to be managed. In this research paper, we will take a good look at conflict management. We will look at the meaning of conflict, the characteristics of conflict, and the different types of conflict. What is Conflict? As stated earlier, conflict is something that we all will be confronted with from time to time. With the knowledge that conflict will arise, we need to make sure that we are capable of dealing with it. An important part of managing conflict is understanding what it is. The workbook Communicate!, defines conflict as the perception of two or more, apparently mutually exclusive, objectives, choices, or courses of action that motivates the person, or persons, to seek to resolve the situation (Communication Research Associates, 2004). Conflict has been given such a negative connotation. We habitually look at conflict as a bad “thing”. Conflict, first of all is not a “thing”, it is really a condition or a perception of a certain situation and it is not always bad. Conflict exists because of an imbalance in a given situation. As humans we are always searching for balance in our lives and in situations
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