Conflict Management Final Assignment Essay

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Conflict Management Final Assignment By: Colette Gillespie Class: Conflict Management Teacher: Prof. Andryce Zurick Analyze the dialogue that transpires here and determine the communication style for each character as evidenced by the verbal and non-verbal communications. When analyzing the dialogue that transpired during the meeting the communication style for each person was this: Kerry O’Neil: V. P. Human Resources: verbal communication was direct at displaying the problem that occurred with the laundry soap not clean clothes properly, and the rash that was being found on children that it wasn’t anything that would be found to be fetal, but was causing rashes on the children. The verbal communication displayed no need for concern on the rash. Then he showed recognition to Clio for being the first person to find the pattern and bring it to Jerry and her supervisor attention. He also used verbal communication to clarify that Aeron’s group has only been the team to issue a statement regarding the issue and plan to investigate the matter further. Kerry also tried to calm down the meeting with the verbal communication of saying “whoa, whoa” in verbal communication that means stop or calm down to most people. The non-verbal communication was (standing in front of the team waiving his hands) which means he was trying to get their attention to stop and calm down. Jerry Redding: Manager of Customer Care: Non-verbal communication was (using his arms and hands to calm Barbara down and speaking softly). His non-verbal communication displayed comfort and support to Barbara. His verbal communication was tone being soft and his wording “it will be okay, we will get through this.” These words also showed support, understand and faith that the problem would be resolved when they found the answer to the problem. Julio Cheung: Industrial Products Manager:
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