Conflict Management Essay

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Conflict management The nature and structure of the conflict. Conflict is integral to the functioning of any society. In modern society, in conditions when growing daily "speed of life", when the stress is familiar to almost any firsthand when everyone wants something and is afraid of something, the problems raised by the conflict - prevention, analysis, ending conflict - are particularly relevant. These issues are relevant primarily because conflicts can you join us in any sphere of society, and the conflict, left to drift, can lead to undesirable consequences both for individuals and for society. Summarizing the variety of definitions of conflict encountered in the literature, it is possible to offer such a definition. Conflict is the struggle between public entities to implement their conflicting interests, attitudes, values and attitudes. And in this, and many other Oprah-divisions, the conflict is primarily associated with conflict or one of its moments - the struggle of opposites. One of the essential features of the conflict is the opposite of in-interests, which in turn interfaced with the values, goals and orientations. Thus, the interests - the main concept for the analysis of conflict. Any conflict is characterized by the conflicting parties, as well as the subject of protivopar-tion. The structure of the conflict also involves conflict action in one form or another and the direction by which his consciousness, the means and methods of operation, field of conflict. In addition, no conflict is possible without the current to the appearance of a conflict situation. Actors of the conflict, in dependence on its level, serve individuals, groups, classes, national-ethnic community, the rganization, social institutions, public and political associations, States, international community. The subjects of the conflict remain unchanged in the process of

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