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Conflict Management Essay

  • Submitted by: futuresoldier
  • on March 5, 2015
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Tuesday, January 20, 2015
Conflict Resolution

What is conflict? How does it affect people and is it a positive or a negative influence on people? These are some of many questions you may ask yourself along with how to solve the conflict successfully.

Conflict is a very important part of life because you can learn from it, but what is it? Conflict is according to the Daniel Webster Dictionary:
“1. A state of open, often prolonged fighting; a battle or war.”
2. “A state of disagreement or disharmony between persons or ideas; a clash: a conflict over water rights.”
Based off of that in my own words I would say that conflict is a crossing of people’s ideals and efforts that ends up becoming a fight or disagreement. In fact most wars started with a simple conflict.

Conflict will most likely take place due to someone feeling their power and/or ideals taken from them or not upheld. I can speak from experience as this has taken place many times within my own family. I live with five other brothers, an older sister, and my two parents. There is a lot of conflict and most of it is due to someone wanting the front seat in the card and think that since they are older they have the rights to it, no one else. Well the younger kids often will fight with the older kids about this and eventually someone wins. Most of the time my parents for instance, will try to make it fair by putting a younger sibling in the front seat at certain times. This works well because both the older and younger children in our family get to have a turn in the front seat. This is a simple example that almost everyone that has siblings has seen or felt towards them. Another example more related to Civil Air Patrol is from a recent NCOA that I had staffed and two cadets were fighting about how to shine boots. One of them had the method of shining with parade gloss and the other with regular black polish. Both cadets were trying to make their points but nothing was getting through to the...

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