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“Conflict Management is the use of strategies and tactics to move all parties towards resolution or at least containment of dispute in a manner that avoids escalation and destruction of relationships.” Carol A. Aschenbrener 14 Conflict is inevitable in our daily lives as these involve daily contact and incompatibilities with other human beings holding different values, needs, goals and motives. Human contact, especially working together in an organisation brings about misunderstandings, hurt feelings and unmet expectations. Moreover, conflict is also usually accompanied by feelings of anxiety, fear and frustration. There are two types of conflict; that substantive (intrinsic) conflict which is task related or procedural, and affective (extrinsic) conflict which is interpersonal and power related. Two basic dimensions of conflict are the concern about oneself and the concern about other party. Conflict management is the practice of identifying and handling conflict in a sensible, fair, and efficient manner. It requires such skills as effective communication, problem solving, and negotiating with a focus on interests. The key to conflict is how we understand and respond to it. Conflict and Healthcare system There are a number of characteristics unique to health care that may help generate conflict and misunderstandings. Health care is a very good example of a complex adaptive system. This makes it prone to generate errors on a regular basis. In the healthcare system one finds complexity so conflict is found at multiple levels at the same time. The healthcare system involves a wide disparity of knowledge, power, and controlled by various individuals. Health care, unlike other parties, experiences conflict which are markedly institutionalized. The health care system also involves interaction between individuals regarding repair and

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