Conflict Makes People Act Outside Their Comfort Zones - the Quiet American (Imaginative Piece) Essay

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“Conflict makes people act outside their comfort zones” This piece is intended to portray the difficulties in choosing the right decisions amid internal conflict. Told from the perspective of Phuongs friend that she would meet regularly at Place Garnier, this creative piece aims to display a feeling of torn emotions in a fairly fundamental form so that younger audiences, of high school level, can relate. The piece will be written in a saddened and weathered tone. I’ve drawn ideas from Fowler’s situation towards the novels conclusion where he has to decide wether or not he should be involved, making a very difficult emotional decision. A light breeze blew through the street, slowly eating away at what little warmth remained in the shadows of the buildings. I folded my arms in a feeble attempt to keep warm whilst walking, my silk pants stuck to my legs with each step. The wind blew again. A strand of my hair broke free, tucking it behind my ear I continued to walk aimlessly. I stopped and stared up. Large clouds drifted slowly, gracefully through the sky. Weightless, a dancer could only wish to move the same. The wind tugged at me lightly, insisting I move on but I remained stationary, staring. My eyes lowered. For all that day’s beauty, I felt as though it were hiding something. Beauty concealing lies. It was somewhat fitting, what better way to hide sinister intentions than to place them behind something so distracting! The wind blew once more, like a child seeking attention; I pressed onward. Inspecting assorted shops and street stalls that had held just as many oddities as there were people. I found myself moving toward Place Garnier. My gaze drifted finding the window of the milk bar. Habits are odd things. Phuong had said she wouldn’t be able to make it that day, yet my feet had brought me anyway. My one and only habit. I felt no need to go in alone,

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