Conflict log Essay

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Conflict 1:were :lunch room when:4/10/08 The argument was over, as I recall, home work that was due. One side said it was due that day, the other side said that it was due the next day. The conflict cloud have been avoided by either listening in class or asking other people what they thought. They cloud of done there homework at home so they knew for sure. Or not of asked at all. Conflict 2: were: commens when:4/10/08 The argument was over who was in a movie. One side said that it was one actor the other said it was another actor. The argument cloud have been avoided by not talking about in general or ask other people if they new. The argument was resolved by going online and seeing who really was in the movie Conflict 3:before school: 4/7/08 The fight was over why someone was always so mean to another someone. The fight cloud have been avoided by not yelling, and not doing it in such a public place. They cloud of handled it better by not yelling and doing it privately, some place where no one cloud chime in. Conflict 4: over Xbox live.: 4/9/08 The argument was over when a game was coming out. The argument cloud have be resolved by looking up when the game was going to come out or asking another person Conflict 5 : at home: 4/5/08 The fight was over grades. The fight cloud have been handled beater by not yelling and actually talking and getting there facts straight. It cloud have been resolved by going online to see the updated grades rather then just

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