Conflict Is Simply Inevitable

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Conflict is simply inevitable. It is a fundamental archetype of the human condition. Conflict can be spontaneous or extensive, and can be the gateway for change. Without conflict, Society and it’s people cannot grow and prosper. The presence of conflict forces a compromise and reveals the unexpected qualities of the individual, whether it is for better or worst. However, conflict may have devastating and truly tragic implications the individuals it affects, revealing a darkness that lurks deep within the soul of humanity. Thomas Hobbes, a respected naturalist, depicted human as egotistic calculators whose overriding concern was the pursuit of private advantage. He argued that conflict could turn humans into animalistic predators, exposing them in their most naturalistic form. The existence and dominance of social class, as well as the demonstration of power over those who are inferior, contribute to the un-avoidable conflict that still exists today. Conflict can have truly tragic implications for society and the individuals from within it. Many times have individuals crumbled and succumbed to the pressures of conflict. The continual racial taunts and discrimination of individuals of the Muslim community, from the Western World, has significantly impacted on Islamic individuals. The conflict has impeded on the ability of ordinary Muslim people to lead a happy and prosperous life. The recent anti-Muslim video that has stemmed from the U.S has provoked Muslim individuals to react in a way that nobody could have expected. The people protested and acted violently in order to demonstrate their disgust at being the victim of further discrimination. Although Paradise Road is a fictionalised movie, it is based on real occurrences and conflict, highlighting the unexpected qualities that are revealed in the face of adversity. Paradise Road uncovers the traumatic effects
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