Conflict Is a Distructive Force

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Unfortunately, there are many different types of conflict around the world that produce many different kinds of ongoing problems. There is some evidence to suggest that some serious disputes tend to lead to not only infrastructure destruction but destruction that destroy an individual both physically and mentally. It could also be argued that the destructive force that conflict has or had lead many people to taking horrific actions towards themselves. However, others feel that if conflict was to be a destructive force then society would fail to advance to the world today. Conflict in any form can prove to be rather distressful and brutal towards an individual. This is evident in the poem Disabled by Wilfred Owen “And shivered in his ghastly suit of grey, Legless, sewn short at elbow “, as it displays the emotions and the brutal physical changes of a soldier who has been disabled by battle. Tragically the soldier is very much aware of what he has lost and of what he is never going to have in the future due to his injury “now he will never feel again how slim Girls waists are “. The poem also enforces that it is not only the ones who have died in the battle that pay the price for their participation in the war but also the large amount of those that returned after the war with abhorrent injuries. The two main senses of which we as humans rely most on, seeing and hearing where what mainly drove young youths in undertaking horrific actions towards themselves as individuals. This was displayed in Sassoon’s public statement of defiance (1917) “I have seen the suffering of the tropes”, and in the poem suicide of the trench “he put a bullet through his brain”. Both the public statement and the poem displayed the effects of sight and hearing on the soldiers, and how the destructiveness of conflict lead many of them to committing suicide and fairly a
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