Conflict in the Field

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CONFLICT IN THE FIELD The play I have studied is ‘THe Field’ by John B.Keane. The play is set in the fictional village of Carraigthomond where the Bull Mc Cabe is on a mission to buy the field from the Widow. Bull is so obsessed with this field that anyone or anything who gets in his way is destined to come into conflict with him. Conflict is a key theme in this drama and can be identified as both physical, verbal and internal. The play shows how easily conflict can occur and get out of control. iN this answer I will discuss how conflict in all its forms is evident in the drama. Maggie Butler’s decision to sell the field Conflict arises when Maggie decides she wants to sell the field by public auction for £800 to the highest bidder. Bull McCabe is furious as he believes the field is rightfully his as he has been renting it for years. This sets the conflict in motion at the start of the play. Bull and the Sergeant’s conflict When the Sergeant comes to investigate the killing of the donkey, the conflict between Bull and the Sergeant is evident. Bull insults the Sergeant and has no respect for the law. He says that ‘his brains are in the arse of his trousers’. Bull and his wife Conflict also occurs in Bull’s home life. He hasn’t spoken to his wife in eighteen years over an incident highlighting his love of land. His wife gave permission to a tinker’s widow to let the pony graze in Bull’s field. Bull got so angry he beat his wife. ‘I walloped her more than I meant’ Even though he regrets it afterwards, his wife doesn’t forgive him. This conflict occurs with is wife because Bull put his love of land before his own marriage. Bull and William Dee Bull gets into conflict with William Dee over his wish to buy the field. William doesn’t respect the land the way Bull would like him to. Verbal conflict is seen on many occasions as Bull threatens William to ‘get out

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