Conflict In Romantic Relationships Essay

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Conflict in Romantic Relationships Abstract In relationships, conflicts will arise sooner or later. Conflicts in a relationship are not a sign of an unhealthy relationship. There is a few ways to fix many disputes and disagreements; this is usually fixed with which communication. Some couples’ way of communicating is extreme, but can be very useful, when used correctly. Conflict in a Romantic Relationship “In any meaningful relationship worth pursuing conflicts and fights are bound to come up;” according to Abhishek Agarwal an expert author of The statement is very true, every day, most couples encounter conflicts within their relationship. Most of these couples have certain ways of settling their disputes and disagreements, which many include compromise. These conflicts may consist of some type of jealousy, time management, commitment, and lifestyles issues. A couple's way of settling their common disagreements will say a lot about the type of relationship and if the relationship is healthy. Communication, being the most crucial part of a healthy relationship, can take a weakened relationship and help make bonds stronger and trust levels rise. Compromising can also help mend the broken down or eroded connections in a relationship. There are many different types and levels of conflicts in a relationship varying from what kind of cookies to make to a full out, on-the-verge-of-separation type of conflict. There’s one main solution to all of the above, and that is simple communication. Some couples’ way of communicating is extreme and can be very stressful at times. Yelling, blame placing, and other extreme and harsh commutation are included in this category of stressful and hindering commutation. This type of communication hinders the relationship and its ability to move forward and connect on a stronger level. The better type of

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