Conflict in Jindabyne, V for Vendetta and Porphyria's Lover

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Conflict in Jindabyne, Porphyria’s Lover and V for Vendetta Conflict is a state of disillusionment that is an unavoidable part of human existence as people are unable to live without disagreements occurring, either between themselves or with other people. Both Lawrence’s Jindabyne and Alan Moore’s V for Vendetta explore the idea that conflict that resides beneath the surfaces of our lives will eventually re-emerge at unexpected times causing tension between individuals. Browning’s Porphyria’s Lover is similar to V for Vendetta in that an imbalance of power can cause conflict when individuals rise up against this imbalance to try and shift the disparity of power. Finally, Jindabyne and Porphyria’s Lover demonstrates the idea that conflict can occur in a relationship when a person fails to live up to the expectations of the other. Conflict can occur when there is an imbalance of power, causing certain individuals to rise up against this oppression to try and shift the disparity of power. In V for Vendetta, Moore explores this idea through the character of V, who represents individuality and anarchism in a society that is controlled by a fascist, oppressive government. The sombre use of pallet at the beginning of the graphic novel is a reflection of the lack of individuality in this society, as oppression by the government has prevented self-expression and the formation of one’s own opinion. The illustration of a street camera with the sign ‘FOR YOUR PROTECTION’ underneath, as well as the implementation of a curfew and the use of speakers for public propaganda broadcasts, suggests a more sinister motive behind these actions and demonstrates how there can be no freedom of expression in a society where your every move is monitored. There is no ‘talk of freedom…or individual liberty’ in a totalitarian society that rules by force. The conflict between oppression and

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