Conflict Has Only Negative Effects on Individuals

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It is ineluctable that people are forced to encounter conflicts in people’s daily lives, Conflict is often the result of a clash of ideas, and it plays as an important role of people’s experiences although conflict is considered that it affects individuals in only undesirable ways. But the effects that people receive from conflicts are depends on themselves. People may learn knowledge within conflict and enrich their life experience, but the devastating consequence it causes either physically or mentally on people may be really serious and cannot be ignored. However, sometimes conflicts may not leave only negative effects on people. Conversely, conflicts can be an ideal way for people to solve some problems between them because conflict is essentially a mode of communication, and communication promotes people’s understanding of each other. Therefore conflicts do have positive impacts to individuals. Conflicts leave negative effects on individuals as conflicts can be the origin of chaos. In Shakespeare’s classical tragedy ‘Macbeth’, chaos goes through the whole story as the theme, and the chaos is generated by the conflict between the ambitious Macbeth and innocent King Duncan. Macbeth was a noble Thane and a loyal hero before, but his desire is aroused by the vicious witches. He even has inner conflict and hesitates for committing the treason, but he cannot resist the desire and the urge of his wife, ‘I’m settled, and bend up Each corporal agent to this terrible feat.’ Macbeth finally murders the king just like what his wife asks him to do. ‘I go and it is done.’ He says, ‘The bell invites me. Hear it not, for it is a knell That summons thee to heaven, or to hell.’ The conflict between Macbeth’s desire and King Duncan encourages Macbeth to murder the king and brings the chaos to his country because the villainy he makes breaks the chain of nature levels.
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