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Practice Essay Conflict is a balanced force of nature upon which we base our societal views, as it has the power to strengthen one’s abilities or weaken them into dysfunction. This concept is heavily explored through the novel, Lord of the Flies, by William Golding, and the painting The Scream, by Edvard Munch, both of which allegorically portray the moral ideals of conflict, and it’s ability to either alienate or empower certain individuals. It is through these texts that the viewer may understand the presence of conflict within society, and the influence it imposes on human behaviour. Conflict is an internal war between one’s own heart and mind, and can either inspire confidence or invoke doubt in their abilities. Golding presents this idea through, “The only trouble was he would never be a very good chess player”. This metaphor portrays the internal conflict within Ralph, who expresses doubt in his ability to lead as he compares the role of chief to chess- a game that requires both strategy and patience, emphasizing how Ralph is losing faith in himself as his mind tells him to be logical in his decisions, whilst his heart is telling him to follow his moral code. This shows his internal conflict as he is unsure about which path he should follow, hence causing his doubt to isolate him from reality. Golding also uses repetition to emphasize the conflicting decisions that one must face, “Now that his physical voice was silent, the inner voice of reason, and other voices too made themselves heard”. This emphasizes Ralph’s inner battle as he struggles to find guidance within his own soul, leading him to hear voices, which are simply a personification of his own thoughts. Hence, this internal conflict allows him to gain a sense of direction as his mind begins to hear the ‘voices’ of reason and sanity, showing the

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