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Conflict Starters Criminal Justice Communications Jeffrey Harper Conflict is a hard thing to avoid. You have a lot of different types of conflict. There is content conflict which is something like job promotions and the show that is the best on television. Another type of content conflict is who the best sports team is. Another type of conflict is relationship conflict. That is something like where you family wants to go eat Sunday dinner at or if you or your spouse want to go out or stay in (Criminal Justice Communication, 2002). Conflict can be good at times because it lets the other people know that you do have an opinion about a situation. If you always agree on what others say you may never get to do what you want. For instance if you are…show more content…
I was always at work. In this situation the best thing to do is admit that you were wrong. Sometimes the best way to avoid conflict is to actually avoid conflict. Even if you feel that they are wrong it is better to agree and keep moving (Criminal Justice Communication, 2002). You should not have said that. I hate when you do that. When a person comes to you with something like that you should apologize and tell them you will work on not saying it again. It would also be a good idea if you asked them is there anything else that you say that they do not like. The thing you could do to avoid that conflict is to say I hate when you say things too but I still listen or to try to make a point of why you said it (Criminal Justice Communication, 2002). Conflict is a tough thing to avoid but the best thing to do to keep it from escalating is to give to the person that is starting the conflict. The person that has given the conflict starter is usually not going to back down until the point they are trying to make has gotten across. It is easier to just give in then it is to be up all night arguing about going out or staying in (Criminal Justice Communication,

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