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Conflict Course Micro/Macro Conflict Essay

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  • on December 3, 2013
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Jesse Meaney
29 October 2013
PCS 160 HUM:
Conflict Dynamics and Transformation
Macro level changes focus more on social structures, processes and problems, as well as their interrelationships. This approach in my opinion tends to minimize the people’s ability to act and overcome the limits of social structures. Macro conflict causes changes that produce the major social forces that shape change throughout a society. These changes usually do not occur quickly, but they instead change the ecological order, the system of stratification, and the social institutions of entire societies. Entire social classes are shaped by these macro level problems and changes.   Changes to conflict on a macro level seem to me that they can cause endless fascination to people who study humans like sociologists because there has been many various attempts at explaining macro conflict. In contrast modernization theories have a more modest goal, which is seeking to explain what happens as contemporary societies undergo industrial, political, and urban revolutions.   So from learning about the macro level I have come to the conclusion that rules and statuses exist in society to provide social control and or social order. The idea that social order is a necessity to survive is a certain perspective that focuses upon the Macro level of conflict. Focusing on Macro Conflict has changed my views on international and national conflict because I feel there needs to be a better process to solve conflict on larger scales. Processes like the ones we use take years of change. Some examples of this are, the fighting of apartheid in South Africa, the struggle for equality of whites and blacks in America, and Gandhi and the Indians using nonviolent protesting on the English. All of these were successful but took years to complete. Conflict on a macro level is still something that government’s and people still do not know how to solve fluently and easily. People are so afraid of change that they will...

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