Conflict Changes People for the Better and the Worse

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Whether we like it or not, conflict is a part of everyday lives. It can happen to anyone, from your friends to your family. Often it is not the fact that conflict occurs, but how it is dealt with - how people react to it. After being touched by conflict, people can evolve and build strong relationships. However, conversely many people can also suffer and be influenced. Therefore, in some ways conflict can be commendable, and some ways it can be brutal. Often conflict is violent, negative and destructive. However this is not always so, there are times where conflict can bring unexpected qualities from people – change a person for the better. Humans are stubborn. This is the exact reason Michael Gallagher evolved from a shy loving father, into the leader of the Omagh Self Help and Support Group. Michael never stopped trying and this stubborness lead to his evolution. This surprising propulsion from “zero to hero” is the drive that comes from conflict – that changes us for the better. Without being naturally stubborn, humans would have not evolved like we did. Furthermore, conflict leads to the building of strong relationships amongst those involved. Unity is formed between people with the same goal of overcoming conflict; they can support each other through this hardship. During “Omagh”, the Help and Support group had Protestants and Catholic members. Even though the two did not blend together before, they were united in conflict. Additionally, the United Nations was formed on the basis of this idea - People had the same beliefs about world peace and formed an organization leading the charge for a better world. When people fight for the same cause, they are united together as one. People change for the better. However, every coin has two sides. Conflict is not always virtuous; it breeds suffering. Whether it is at the mercy of global or local catastrophes,

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